Monday, January 28, 2013

I need ... I need !!

I need answers!  I need confirmations!  I need .. I need a lot! Dealing with the resort wedding planner has been quite frustrating.    I cannot seem to get the answers when I want them and when I do receive a reply, which is days later they answer my question with another question!  Seriously!! This may be quite normal for Dominicans but for this crazy Canadian bride…. It will drive me to drink!  The only downfall is that all I’ll be drinking is water. LOL.  The diet has been going quite well.  Pat has lost 4 times the weight I’ve lost …and no I’m not a wee bit jealous at all!  I guess it normal for men to lose weight faster than woman .. so everyone says!  Regardless … I know he loves me either way!

Until next time



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